Friday, November 23, 2007

Feeling Blue

Feeling a little discouraged lately as bakes are not turning out as I hoped. Perhaps I was over confident given the success with different versions of the jelly heart. Even usb is acting up on me and not cooperating so can't upload the photos.

To boost my confidence, I will make another tray of jelly hearts. I guess my lack of success recently is probably due to lack of experience and new to using my one and only microwave oven for baking. I will no doubt be attempting the Horlicks Doggie and cupcakes soon! Watch this space!

*Finally, pix of some good and not-so-good bakes:
Strawberry Sweethearts that worked twice so far, thank God
Another version featuring Mangoes and Philly cream cheese, yummy
Milo Doggies cookies that turned out hard

Peach and Mango Charlotte Cake, missing a base and sponge fingers stuck to the foil

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