Thursday, December 18, 2008

Madeleine, oh Madeleine

This is worth every effort in making. For the first time since I began baking, these babies were consumed all within 6 hours! I baked them this morning so we would have some light snacks while the children enjoyed themselves at Wild Wild Wet. My little niece was the biggest fan of these chocolate lemon madeleines, she kept asking for more.

The recipe is taken from Chocolate Desserts by Pierre Herme by Dorie Greenspan. I had to wait a few weeks after reserving the book online. I must say that it is an interesting recipe that I would definitely try again soon. Besides, the madeleine trays are screaming for attention.

I would also need the practice of rubbing the sugar with lemon zest as I kept wondering if I had done that step well. There wasn't much hint of lemon, or that could have been over-shadowed by the varlhona cocoa powder... Overall, I would say that these are really chocolatey, yum!


juliet said...

While googling for PH's first book, 'Desserts', i chanced upon your blog on the entry of Madeleines. I was pleased to have found someone who had tried out receipes from PH's books but was more thrilled when i discovered we're from the same location!

Since i bought PH's 'Chocolate Desserts' mid 08, i'd tried out just a few of the receipes. Madeleines & Macarons are still my fav and frequent bakes. They're easy to make and great as gifts.

One thing still annoys me is that i couldn't get that hump on the Madeleines and i noticed in your pic you had achieved that. Do you follow the instructions to the T? Even leaving the oven door ajar? Do you use silicon or aluminium tray?

I would love to hear from you and share our passion.


Yuri said...

Thanks Juliet for visiting. I don't remember leaving the oven door ajar, but I did leave the batter overnight in the fridge. I used silicon mould too.

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