Sunday, January 18, 2009

Biscotti Galore

I've finally delivered my promise to my friend W, she had asked me to try baking biscotti so that I could "teach" her how to make her favourite snack. I first tried it in June 2008, when W was going into the third trimester of her first preganancy. I am ashamed that I had forgotten about this until she sent me an sms recently.

So I quickly baked some and arranged to meet W as soon as possible. I'm glad she liked it and that encouraged me to experiment with another flavour: green tea and pistachio. While this flavour tastes quite unique, my girl and I prefer the original version.

In fact, my girl asked if I could just bake biscotti without the nuts! I told her that the nuts made the biscotti tasty, for me. So, I reduced the amount of almonds and added cranberries as requested by her. I found this a little too sweet for me but she absolutely loves this! She and hubs polished the whole batch in less than 3 days! Perhaps I should try baking it with just cranberries next. I've also decided that this will be one of the few items that I'll be baking for this Chinese 牛 Year.


Passionate About Baking said...

Hi Yuri,
I've finally get to see you almond biscotti! It really looks very good! I've yet to attempt this. Was reluctant to try out the rather tedious steps involved...:p

Yuri said...

Hi J, long time no see/talk, busy baking? If u have lots of egg whites left behind, you may want to try this. To me, this is far easier than baking cookies!