Monday, March 30, 2009

Lemon Cream Sponge Cake

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A few cyber friends have asked about my absence this past month. First and foremost, I had been really busy at work. To unwind, I did bake, but the same pound cake recipe. Since I had nothing new to write about, I did not blog.

During this time, I also tried to practise baking Rei's sponge cake recipe. After a few practice, I am somewhat happy with this result. I'm sure I can still do better, as the cake can be softer and fluffier. I really have to thank Rei for her guidance, without which I won't have gotten it. She was so sweet to make me some of her lemon curd as well. So I used it all in between the two layers of cake.

The result? A very "lemony" cake. I must admit that the amount of cream is not enough. However, I feel that it is good enough for me. What's left now is for me to acquire some cake decorating techniques. I have to resist taking another slice and shared the "test" piece with my children.

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