Friday, March 28, 2008

Banana Quick Bread

Interesting indeed. I didn't know that it was possible to bake a cake in the breadmaker. That was until I saw sweet-tooth's post on it. Of course, being the first time, I fumbled with the ingredients. In fact, I had forgotten to add sugar when the machine started. I added sugar only after close to 5 minutes of the cycle (when the cycle was supposedly for 7 minutes).

When baking was in process, the aroma of bananas was in the air. It was more fragrant than when I last baked banana cakes. So I wondered if it's due to the bananas that I used tonight. It's some smaller version of the del monte bananas from the Phillippines.

The cake or quick bread turned out ok, except it was a little dark. I should have chosen "light" for colour instead. It also turned out to be extremely crumbly, like the usual banana butter cake. It could use a little more sugar, as I had used salted butter. I'm also afraid that the edges would turn hard or dry tomorrow. We'll have to wait and see. When I tasted it earlier, it was ok, almost as good as the usual banana cake. I may try to bake the corn meal quick bread next.

I'm so excited as I have a new toy: it's a pullman pan! Yes, finally, I bought one from PH this afternoon. I'm not sure what bread I would bake but I don't have any more thickened cream, just meiji low fat milk and 3 tubs of swiss premium yogurt of various flavours. Boy, am I itching to bake but not sure if I'll have time this weekend.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter! Today's Bakes

Yes, after the frenzy of baking CNY cookies, I haven't baked as much as today. I started weighing ingredients at 7.10 am and within 10 minutes the breadmaker started working. I decided to follow Cocoa's Hokkaido Milk Loaf recipe (using Meiji Fresh Milk and Bulla Thickened Cream). I had consulted Rei yesterday on how to incoporate the last of my TZ (starter dough). The recipe worked beautifully and the bread was soft and tasty even on its own. I had also added 50g of butter as Cocoa had commented that the loaf lacked the taste of butter. Thank God I didn't spoil the recipe...

For the first batch, I took some dough out, hoping to wrap the remaining chocolate paste from yesterday. The dough was the softest I've encountered so far! I gingerly rolled the chocolate in the dough and placed each into a muffin pan. Then I realised that I had shaped the first one too big, so I went on to make the rest much smaller (to allow them to raise to fill 80% of the cavity). When hubbs tasted it, he said that it tasted like something fried. I had that impression when I took the first bite too! Could have been the butter, the crust was very crispy! It tasted yummy too, wonder how it would taste tomorrow. I rolled the remaining dough and placed it in a loaf pan to bake. As I unmoulded it, I dented the bottom, the loaf was that soft! I will leave you to savour the pictures.

See how I disfigured the bottom of the loaf? And the bun is oooh so soft and tasty.

I was so happy with this recipe that I decided to bake another loaf. Besides, I had more than half a bottle of thickened cream in the fridge. I have been looking through my collection of recipes for something which calls for cream, but haven't found anything suitable. The 2 likeliest candidates are the Banana Cake or Cocoa Puff Cream Cake but I don't have the necessary ingredients ready. Perhaps someone can share some ideas? But I'm glad I tried the same recipe again, this time I used the breadmaker to bake. The loaf eventually was given to the owner of the breadmaker...

While the loaf was in process, my girl kept bugging me to make Fairy Cakes from a children's cookbook of hers. In the morning, I had soaked some raisins in rum and thought it would be quite interesting to bake a little more of this fairy cakes and incoporate the rum and raisins. I'm glad I did that, the cupcakes are delicious!

Many who know me are surprised that I am so domesticated lately. They cannot imagine how much I've changed and it's true, I'm surprised myself. I've lost interest for shopping, except for baking related stuff :D I had all the time to bake today as hubbs had to go for his company football tournament all morning. We didn't go for mass until evening...

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Chocolate er... Swirl Bread?

The smell of chocolate fills the air, lovely… however I’m praying that the bread will turn out alright. I’m not just referring to the taste as I know it will taste fine, it’s the texture I’m referring to. See the photos below and you’ll see why and where I'd gone wrong …

Alright, it was supposed to be Florence's chocolate wassant, I had followed the recipe exactly... except that I had under-cooked the chocolate paste. I know now it's supposed to be dry or lumpy. Mine was thick but rather runny. I thought it would harden in the fridge, well, it didn't. I have some more paste left, wonder what I'll do with it, hmmm. Back to my harrowing experience with the chocolate paste.

Thanks to rei, she gave me a lot of tips via msn. I should have changed strategy when I found that the paste was still runny even after spending 30 mins in the freezer. Should have switched to buns but I had already rolled the dough into one fairly large square. Besides, the chocolate paste was already all over the dough.

As I was rolling the dough initially, I remembered what rei had told me earlier about it not being necessary to “punch” the dough – there were lots of air pockets! When I rolled over them, I could hear (and feel) them bursting, so interesting. Anyway, I tried to wrap the chocolate paste inside the dough, it was still ok until I started to roll to flatten the dough. It broke and chocolate oozed out! It was then that I knew it was a gone case. I quickly went on to msn to see if rei was online and she was! After briefly telling her, she told me that since I had done second proofing I had not much choice but to bake it.

So, I put it into the oven and it rose to a monstrous loaf! But it didn't look half as bad as I had imagined, thank God! Can you imagine, I had started out with Florence’s chocolate wassant recipe, then got lazy and changed my mind? I decided to make a chocolate swirl bread like HHB’s and this is the result. Disaster or success, you be the judge… gosh, the smell was heavenly! (when I was typing this post). This was how the loaf looked when I unmoulded it.

I went out after removing the loaf from the pan. When I came back some 3 hours later, I cut the loaf. I was amazed at my own patience actually. This was what I saw, and it tasted quite good really :) I think I will give it another try *thumbs up*

My Own 65 deg C Loaf

It seems that Tang Zhong (or water roux method) is the craze lately in the baking blog community. I was mesmerised by Florence's post, and decided to use this same recipe to start my adventure.

As it was Maundy Thursday and I had to rush out to church, I quickly did the starter dough and cooled it in the fridge. I used this time to meaure the ingredients for the loaf, and when the starter dough was cool enough, I dumped everything into the breadmaker - wet ingredients in first, followed by the dry ones. Last in, yeast of course.

When I got back at 10 pm, there was still 1.5 hours to go! That meant it would be almost midnight before the bread could be ready. I should have set the timer instead. That way, we would have freshly baked bread on the morning of Good Friday.

Not long after baking started, I thought something was amiss... a thin layer had formed. Instinctively, I wanted to open the cover and burst that (huge) bubble. Then I stopped myself, may be the rest would rise eventually. Of course, it didn't. When I unmoulded the bread, the thin crust broke. There was a depression at the top of the loaf. I left it in my room to cool as it was still too warm to close the container's cover.

When I cut the loaf the next morning, I was disappointed yet again. Instead of a fluffy and spongy texture, I thought it was soft (no doubt) but elastic or felt plastic-ky. I knew it would be rejected by my picky eaters, so I had it steamed. Along with it, I also steamed a few of the chocolate milk buns. Steaming helped to soften the bread, but must be consumed as soon as it is removed from the steamer. After cooling, it's back to the rubbery texture. My boy loved the white loaf very much, as he had dipped it in half-boiled egg.

This left me thinking, the entire process was done in the breadmaker. So far, the only real success I can credit myself with, is the yogurt bread. Those were absolutely perfect buns and earned praises from everyone who tasted them. I began to wonder if that success was not to be repeated. Perhaps, practice makes perfect still rings true...

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Passionfruit or Lemon?

Ok, these are supposedly Lemon Cream Cheese Cupcakes. I saw them from My Culinary Journal and remembered that there was still a tub of cream cheese bread in the fridge. As I am tired from baking bread, (also not sure how we are going to finish the chocolate milk buns) I wanted to bake cake. Not that I am very good at it, but it is something so familiar to me. I started baking cakes as a teenager, although not very often then. That's why I can pick up a recipe and just bake.

While taking the butter and cream cheese out of the fridge, I saw that there were still 2 passionfruits left. I told myself to try adding some of the pulp to the cupcakes just to try. I like the result, very much. The tartness of the passionfruit balanced out the sweetness of the cupcakes. And boy, was the cupcake soft and fluffy! Guess with so much egg in so little flour, that somehow guarantees softness.

I am so grateful that I attended Gina's baking class last month. At that lesson, the butter cuddled when eggs were added. This happened for ALL the different mixing bowls. We just added flour and the cakes turned out well. The good thing about that happening in class was that when cuddling happens to me, I can still stay calm. I would simply add flour and mix, remembering not to overmix. The mixture, and the cake eventually, turned out alright tonight, like they did previously.

It's another recipe worthy of repeated attempts. It's really much faster baking cakes -- from the time I started till the time I kept the cupcakes, it took a little less than 2 hours!

Oh, only put passionfruit on 3 cupcakes. The rest are original flavoured Lemon Cream Cheese Cupcakes. This is how they look, the cake dropped a little when they were removed from the oven. While in the oven, they were as tall as the cup.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Chocolate Milk Buns

I was toying with an idea, and after some consultation with Rei, the idea for a chocolate milk bun was conceived. She had suggested that I add cocoa powder to plain milk instead of using chocolate flavoured milk. I have always wanted to try the Hokkaido Milk Loaf since I first read about it on Happy Home Baking. I dashed off after work to get Bulla Thickened Cream just for this. There is still so much cream left, looks like we'll be having lots of this loaf, plus the cream cheese bread too.

As I don't like the thick crust created by the breadmaker, I decided to bake the bread in the oven. Part of the reason was also due to time constraint. By the time the dough was ready for baking, it was almost 10 pm. I had miscalculated earlier while trying to hurry. I had wanted to let the breadmaker run 20 minutes of the dough cycle, add butter and run the whole 1.5 hours of the dough cycle. If I had done that, I would have started to bake probably around 9.30 pm. I thought after a while that it would be much faster if I just let the machine ran the white bread cycle and bake as well. So I stopped the machine, change to function 1 and started. But it just wouldn't start, as the temperature inside was too high! OMG, I had to wait for almost 10 minutes before it could start again. I was worried that the dough would start to ferment. I guess for bread, there isn't much harm in over-kneading? Or is there? I won't know till someone tries the bread.

After I took the dough out, I rolled and pressed it to get rid of air, as suggested by Rei. After putting them into the pan, I didn't want to take the chance to proof it in room temperature. It was already past 9 pm then. So I set the oven at 40 deg C, placed a bowl of water inside beside the loaf pan. Thank God the dough rose to almost 80% of the loaf pan's height. I almost gave up waiting as I was worried that the dough would bake in there! Unfounded fear anyway, as I thought the temperature inside the breadmaker felt higher than that inside the oven.

I quickly removed the loaf pan and water, brushed the top with some milk and sprinkled some sugar while the oven was preheating. Then I baked it for 25 minutes at 180 deg C. While it was baking, I could smell the aroma, probably of the chocolate and milk. Finally, the baking was done and I removed it from the oven and then the pan. I was worried, as the top of the bread felt really hard. I thought perhaps the dough was over-kneaded or over-baked. To hasten the cooling, I broke the buns up. I could not resist and tore off some "membrane" to taste. There was no hint of chocolate at all, but the bread was fluffy and soft! No wonder it's a favourite among so many.

I had originally intended to add some chocolate chips when I shaped them into smaller balls. It was in the oven proofing before I remembered about the chocolate chips. Next time may be. Rei also told me that she tried making chocolate flavoured SWEET buns. I shall look up some sweet bun recipes to see how to improve on my chocolate flavoured bread, it's a request of my boy. Hope he would eat this bread tomorrow morning...

The verdict (19 Mar): Bread is not soft at all! Must have overdone the dough ...
Taste Test (21 Mar, Good Friday): I steamed the bread this morning and they were soft again. Guess steaming (or maybe toasting) will always help. Once cool, not that good again :(

Monday, March 17, 2008

Cocoa Puff Cream Cake

This is not the first time I made the Cocoa Puff Cream Cake, it's such an easy cake to put together, with no additional sugar. It is an amazing gift for anyone. Also one impressive desert to serve your guests. Best of all, there is no need to bake! Someone even thought that it was an ice-cream cake!

I did this as I had so much whipping cream left. That's right, I replaced the cream portion with non-diary whipping cream. Fortunately, when I bought the non-diary whipping cream from the supermarket, it was partially frozen! Had I not found it frozen, I might have put the balance in the freezer!

I made 3 portions of this and gave one to my sister-in-law. I received a message from her that her little dd was feasting on the cake tonight. I gave another away to my group of regular tasters and haven't heard from them yet. Oh, another thing, I changed cocoa puff to coconut puff. I think that cocoa puff tastes better. Give it a try. Florence has photos of all the important ingredients on her blog. Have fun impressing your friends and guests. They will never know the humble origins of this wonderful cake.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Cute or What?

So, what do you think? I thought it looks so cute.

Ok, I cheated. Only the presentation fits the big project description. Considering this is my third attempt at baking bread, taking the dough out of the breadmaker and transferring it to another pan in so many parts, that took some guts. I really "killed two birds with one stone" with this. It is actually yogurt bread and for convenience, I followed the recipe on sweet-tooth haven's blog.

I think her idea of setting the machine to dough function for 10 minutes, add butter, and then continue with white bread function really rocks. I was amazed to see the machine "knocking" and "slamming" the dough about! When I added the butter, I had a shock. The butter was all over the pan BUT on/in the dough. I kept scraping the butter and trying to make it stick to the dough. After a while, the butter was incorporated in the dough. What followed was pure estimation and checking back and forth -- breadmaker manual, recipe collection and my one and only book on breadmaking :P

When do I take the dough out? How should I punch the dough? How to cut the dough? How long to bake it? Omg, so many things to figure out. But I just went ahead based on instinct anyway. When my girl saw me having fun, she came to join in as well. We both thought it was very cute and she said she wished to eat it then. Already during that stage, the fragrance of the yogurt was in the air. I highly recommend Swiss Premium yogurt, it is not overly sweet and it works well with all recipe. The other brands of yogurt tend to have a strong smell.

Needles to say, while it was baking it was simply aromatic. Of course, I was worried about the temperature, baking time, and what have you. I decided to add another 5 minutes as the top was not brown enough. And then, the moment of truth, taste test! It was still too hot to hold, but boy, was the bread soft, and tasty too. I think I may just use the machine (if I get one of my own eventually) ro knead the dough and I will bake it in the oven. That way, I won't end up with a hole at on some part of the loaf, hard crust (even though I chose Light) and best of all, no cutting required. Of course, I need to learn/experiment a little more then.

I was so encouraged, I decided to make ANOTHER loaf using the same recipe. I used swiss premium berry flavoured yogurt with raisins for the first loaf and Marigold low-fat peach flavoured yogurt with raisins and apicot for the second loaf. I may try kwf's orange bread next. About the size of the second loaf, it's my girl's request, she wanted the buns to be bigger. I thought the small ones are so easy to eat, actually it can get out of control quite easily.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Cream Cheese Bread

First, let me thank everyone who has shared your experience and even helped to troubleshoot. As kwf pointed out, the bitter taste of the crunchy peanut butter loaf could be caused by the peanut butter. Thanks also to HHB and sweet-tooth for their encouragement and sharing too.

I went ahead to bake another loaf this evening. The cream cheese bread is another popular recipe on Kitchen Capers as well. As kwf uses the super duper Vita-Mix to knead the dough, I searched around for one that relies on the breadmaker. I found a few but used cocoa's recipe in the end. As I have a tub of cream cheese spread in the fridge, I used this instead. In my haste, I forgot to reduce salt. Fortunately, that didn't affect the overall taste much. I am surprised that after so many ingredients have been added, the bread tastes quite plain. I cannot imagine how much more have been added to commercial loaves! Fortunately, I haven't been eating a lot of bread lately (have to watch food intake after a certain age, sigh).

This loaf will be given to my parents, and I shall try to bake them a loaf every week, hopefully. My sister-in-law has also commissioned me to bake for her as well. I don't mind doing so really, the more practice I have, the better my skills will be. In any case, the work's done by the breadmaker anyway :P Do watch this space, I have in mind a rather interesting project for my current skills level...

Feedback from mom (21 Mar, Good Friday): Bread was very good, especially after toasting :)

First Peanut Butter Loaf

I was so excited about baking bread after seeing everybody's success. Since I could not bake on Thursday, I took the time to read the manual and researched for suitable recipes. I could not decide what to kick start this bread journey with.

From the begining, I had wanted to bake the Hokkaido Milk Bread, then there is the yogurt bread. But eventually, I thought I would start off with a really, really safe recipe. It's non other than Happy Home Baking's Crunchy Peanut Butter Bread as she has described it as soft and fluffy.

While it was baking, the air was filled with the aroma of peanut butter. I was worried that the colour of the crust was a little light, but it turned out alright. It's the first time I could sit down and watch tv while baking. The machine took care of everything, how nice.

I was so impatient, could not wait to remove it from the pan. I had some difficulty removing the pan, and almost burnt my finger. Finally, I managed to lift the pan. Waited a few minutes till it was cool enough to remove the loaf. Eventually, I was able to cut it. The crust was ... crusty, acutally, quite cripsy. When I saw the inside, I was elated. I thought to myself, success, wow! But I was too full to taste it. Guess it would have to wait till tomorrow.

Hubbs then asked for something to eat. I suggested the bread of course! I spread some orange marmalade and butter on the last slice, very crusty piece. I took a small bite and boy was I disappointed. I don't know how to describe but it was a little plasticky, although the loaf was soft to touch. Not sure if the teaspoonful of flour which I added in the last minute as quite a bit of flour didn't make it into the pan. May be that was a mistake, also I had accidentally over-poured oil into the pan as well. Guess that's too many mistakes to guarantee a successful looking AND tasting bread huh?

Update (15 Mar at 8.52 am): Kids tried the bread this morning after I had the bread toasted. Son complained that it was bitter after hubbs made the comment. I remembered that the bake king instant yeast had a strong smell when I opened the cap. Could it be that? Which yeast do you use and where do you get it?

Friday, March 14, 2008

Wowed by Technology

I am so excited about making bread, the bread maker is sitting quietly at home. Had pilates last night and could not bake anything. I also took the time to read through the manual and researched on forums and inspirational blogs. I think I will start with Happy Home Baker's fully automated bread recipes. That should be safest.

In the process, I came across this page where it shows different methods of mixing flour. Thanks to JY who put the link on her blog.

In this age of technology, we have machines to help us with many tasks. For me, that would be the bread making process. I had been hesitant for so long, now there are no more excuses. Also, the internet is one huge resource centre full of whatever one needs.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Peach Tart

Well, well, another tart at Yuri's Bake Journal. When I first saw the photo of this tart on Happy Home Baking I was sold. It looked absolutely inviting and the steps looked easy enough. After my relative success on earlier attempts at tarts (or pies) I was rather eager to try more.

Also, I found the secret of getting the aroma of almonds during the baking process. Previous experience of using this ingredient left me wondering if almond powder had any aroma at all. This time, I followed HHB's instruction to bake the almond powder for 10 minutes prior to using it. Wow, while the crust was baking, the aroma of almond was in the air. It was even more aromatic when baking the filling. This confirms what I thought earlier but was just too lazy to do. The tart tasted good too, although to me, it was a little sweet. I'll find out more when I send it for taste-test by the regular tasters.

My sister-in-law came over to learn HHB's Mango and Peach Charlotte Cake tonight. She had tried it previously and she loved it. She described it as refreshing and different. As we both did not enjoy the taste of Vitagen (I drink it but don't like the taste of it in this cake), I used mango flavoured yogurt drink instead. I think I may just make another one as there is the whole carton of whipping cream ...

I was impressed by Rei's inaugral post on the Japanese sweet treat, Warabi Mochi and wanted to give it a shot. Since I was on leave yesterday, I made it a point to go to Daiso at IMM to pick up the ingredients for the mochi. All the ingredients are in the photo above. Cool, I thought, I can get started with this treat. Mochi is one of my favourite.

As I was stirring the mixture, I was reminded of my several attempts to make the water chestnut pudding. When I first saw it on Florence's blog, I told myself that I must try this. Sad to say, I am too shy to post any photo of the failed attempts at making these QQ treats. However, that's not the end of it. I will continue to try although it is not cheap to keep trying...

Another exciting news, I was planning to borrow my friend's bread maker (that is sitting idly in her storeroom). I wasn't sure how to ask as hubbs may think it's ridiculous. My sister-in-law will pass me one that is sitting in her storeroom tomorrow! It's on loan from our brother-in-law. Both of them did not succeed in their breadmaking attempts. Now, they are relying on me to solve the mystery of their failed attempts. But I shall do the safe thing of reading the manual first. After that, I may try the famous Hokkaido Milk Loaf :)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Money Generating Opportunities?

I was blog surfing when I went to Cooking Momster blog and saw an entry on Snapbomb. Looks like there are opportunities to earn some bucks while blogging. Very interesting. I signed up and was looking for stuff to write about but was unable to go to page. Maybe the poor comp is sleepy too. So, those of you who are reading this, do visit Snapbomb to find out more. It will definitely give me some ideas what to write about sometimes. Have fun!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Steamed Cake, no frills

I cannot remember when found this recipe from Florence's (Do What I Like) blog. I'm sure it was in the early days when I first started blog-surfing and getting inspired. I was really keen in non-baked recipes as I wasn't sure that my Sharp microwave's convection function would work with cakes. Besides, I had tried so many times to make steamed cakes (probably also called soong ko in HK) and failed.

As I didn't want to bake tonight, I remembered all the great non-baked recipes that I had collected. I zoomed into Florence's
7-up Pastel Steamed Cake immediately. Actually, it's more accurate to say that I had most of the ingredients required for this, more than the other cakes. Ok, I did NOT have 7-up and used ginger ale instead. I used 200g of sugar, which proved to be too little. Guess it would be perfect for mom, I plan to give her the bulk of this anyway. She's always so supportive of my adventures, sweet lady.

Perhaps I should have gone with the original intention to halve the recipe as there was just so much! Should have known that 300g of flour would yield so much... I will eat this cake with half boiled eggs tomorrow morning. I love eating soong ko this way, when I was young as they were almost always dry. I'm glad this one is soft and fluffy. Alright, I cheated. The centre of the cake was not that done. Had to return it to the steamer, recipe said 10 mins but guess I should have doubled the time or more. Not sure, same thing happened with the
steamed moist chocolate cake, those were a little under-done too. I will try this again, but the recipe uses SP and I'm not so keen because of this ingredient. May be I should try another ma lai ko recipe without SP...

Pies or Tarts?

Wow, it's been so long since the last post! I had not stopped baking, in fact, I was baking almost every night last week! I was mainly baking tried and tested recipes -- Chocolate Chip Cookies, Banana Cake, and Gina's Cranberry Yogurt Cake (I used dried blueberries and it was so much better!)

Then I went on a pie/tart frenzy! Must be Happy Home Baker's Triple Almond Tart. For some reason, that made me want to make a lemon pie. So I set about looking for a suitable lemon pie recipe and remembered seeing one delicious recipe on Baking Bites, that's the Meyer Lemon Curd Tart. So I don't know what's a Meyer lemon, I used regular lemons instead. Also, according to the recipe, there's no need to use baking weights when baking the crust. Somehow, I would use weights of some sort in my next attempt. I'm quite into pies/tarts now I think.

Because I did not use any baking weights, the crust rose and I was afraid that it won't hold the lemon curd on top. I went to get another deeper pie pan (the earlier crust was baked in a disposable pie pan). Still, I didn't use any weights for the second try. Wrong again! But since the pan was deeper this time, I was able to pour the lemon curd in without much difficulty. Somehow, the curd did not set so well and I thought may be I should add some gelatin next time. Over the days that followed, I found MORE lemon pie recipes! Some didn't even need any eggs, like Aunty Yochana's Lemon Curd Cheese Tart.

As for the other crust, I used another Baking Bite recipe, her Chocolate Ganache Tart. As I had excess ripe bananas that day, I added bananas to the tart. Boy, was the chocolate thick or what? Everyone who tried the chocolate tart loved it! However, they could not detect the bananas. Next time, I shall coarsely chop the bananas and add it to the hot chocolate mixture. As for banana essence, that remains to be seen...

Saturday, March 1, 2008

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