Monday, March 10, 2008

Steamed Cake, no frills

I cannot remember when found this recipe from Florence's (Do What I Like) blog. I'm sure it was in the early days when I first started blog-surfing and getting inspired. I was really keen in non-baked recipes as I wasn't sure that my Sharp microwave's convection function would work with cakes. Besides, I had tried so many times to make steamed cakes (probably also called soong ko in HK) and failed.

As I didn't want to bake tonight, I remembered all the great non-baked recipes that I had collected. I zoomed into Florence's
7-up Pastel Steamed Cake immediately. Actually, it's more accurate to say that I had most of the ingredients required for this, more than the other cakes. Ok, I did NOT have 7-up and used ginger ale instead. I used 200g of sugar, which proved to be too little. Guess it would be perfect for mom, I plan to give her the bulk of this anyway. She's always so supportive of my adventures, sweet lady.

Perhaps I should have gone with the original intention to halve the recipe as there was just so much! Should have known that 300g of flour would yield so much... I will eat this cake with half boiled eggs tomorrow morning. I love eating soong ko this way, when I was young as they were almost always dry. I'm glad this one is soft and fluffy. Alright, I cheated. The centre of the cake was not that done. Had to return it to the steamer, recipe said 10 mins but guess I should have doubled the time or more. Not sure, same thing happened with the
steamed moist chocolate cake, those were a little under-done too. I will try this again, but the recipe uses SP and I'm not so keen because of this ingredient. May be I should try another ma lai ko recipe without SP...


Unknown said...

hi Yuri,
Very inspiring! Steam cake is also on my mind. But I'm reluctant to use SP also. I wonder if omitting it with do a great diffence.

Yuri said...

Hi Emily, I wonder too! But won't be making it again so soon as I ate most of it this time. Already went way over my daily carbo intake these few days :S