Monday, March 17, 2008

Cocoa Puff Cream Cake

This is not the first time I made the Cocoa Puff Cream Cake, it's such an easy cake to put together, with no additional sugar. It is an amazing gift for anyone. Also one impressive desert to serve your guests. Best of all, there is no need to bake! Someone even thought that it was an ice-cream cake!

I did this as I had so much whipping cream left. That's right, I replaced the cream portion with non-diary whipping cream. Fortunately, when I bought the non-diary whipping cream from the supermarket, it was partially frozen! Had I not found it frozen, I might have put the balance in the freezer!

I made 3 portions of this and gave one to my sister-in-law. I received a message from her that her little dd was feasting on the cake tonight. I gave another away to my group of regular tasters and haven't heard from them yet. Oh, another thing, I changed cocoa puff to coconut puff. I think that cocoa puff tastes better. Give it a try. Florence has photos of all the important ingredients on her blog. Have fun impressing your friends and guests. They will never know the humble origins of this wonderful cake.

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