Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I'm Back!

Yes I'm back to blogging, but not sure for how long. I've been baking all these while, just haven't updated this space due to a variety of reasons. Having nothing to blog about (at least "in public") was a major reason. The other reason is of course due to laziness and the lack of nice photos. Besides, I kept baking the same few recipes. However, I am continually inspired by the beautiful photos and wonderful experience by various bloggers.

Chiffon cake is one of my favourite to bake when I have time. I don't usually enjoy baking chiffon cakes at night as the cooling process takes too long, by which time I can hardly keep my eyes open. I'm home today as my son has fever. With news reports that say "1 in 2 flu cases is H1N1" don't necessary sit well with anyone. I was most recently a "close contact" of someone who tested positive and had to observe Leave of Absence of 7 days. During the initial days, I was rather worried that I may catch the virus. Not so much worried for myself but more for the children. What if they had to suffer as a result? Seeing my poor boy weak and sick yesterday brought on some strange feelings. He has grown significantly and he is not a small-sized child. He is big for his age and seeing him so weak made me feel helpless. He's no longer the tiny tot who relies on mummy for every little need. My boy has grown up.

His fever hovered between 39.1 and 39.8 deg C last night.Thankfully, after the first dose of medicine this morning, the fever subsided. He looked visibly healthy today, compared to yesterday. He was able to eat, which should be the case since he did not eat much yesterday. I took the chance to bake, on seeing that he was a little better. Since all I had were oranges, it would have to be orange chiffon. I have learnt that my weakness in the chiffon cake process was in "baking", ie, my cakes were mostly underbaked. I've recently discovered that for my oven, it would ideally need at least 55 minutes of baking time (at an average temperature of 160 deg C). I must have been muddled-headed today and forgot how long time has elapsed. I thought I had overbaked the cake but it turned out alright, thank God.

Looks like I have to seize whatever opportunity there is to keep practising chiffon cakes. For my next try, may be a rose or bandung flavoured cake. J had kindly helped me get a bottle of rose water which I have yet to try. Wonder what else can rose water be used for?


Passionate About Baking said...

Hi Yuri,
It sure was a long break from blogging for you. Your chiffon cake was really very pretty. I hope your boy is recovering well. Nowadays, it seems that virus are getting stronger and stronger. They don't seem to disappear after a day or two, but stayed longer than they are required! I personally find sponging helps, but a lot of effort is needed. It brings down the temperature real soon, but the moment you stop, the temp will rise again. :( Take care of yourself, and him too! Hope he recovers soon!

Happy Homebaker said...

I hope your boy has fully recovered by now. I know how tough it is for a mum to take care of a sick child, no matter how big the child has grown up.
Your orange chiffon looks really good, I like the fine texture. Will love to try out an orange version one of these days :)

Yuri said...

Thanks J and HHB, my son's fever has subsided.I think I may have caught the bug now...

HHB, you'll love the orange version, ask vb :P At her advise, I added cointreau too.