Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Peach Yogurt Cake

Spring's here, showing you our collection of Citibank's hong bao over the years. Happy CNY

Came across Orangette's Lemon Yogurt Cake, and since it had been a while since I last baked a cake, I had to try this one. As it is, I had waited a day before attempting.

To my dismay, the cake did not turn out as it should :( If you look at the slides above, you'll see that the texture is not cake like at all, it's very kueh like! Must have converted the recipe wrongly. But give credit where credit's due, this is about the easiest cake to put together. No hassle of setting up the mixer, just a big mixing bowl and wooden spoon. I will most definitely try this again. The kueh is rather tasty, and since 3 big eggs were added, it's rather eggy, but not off-putting, if you know what I mean.

As I was agonising over this setback, I checked Happy Home Baker's site just to look at the texture of their cakes. And I found another variation of it, with proper weights of the ingredient. Why didn't I find this earlier? Wonder who's gonna eat this kueh. BTW, SE this is another super easy bake which you can attempt, don't be fooled by the result of this bake, k?

Update (30 Jan 2008): Baked the Orange Yogurt Cake tonight. And boy, was it good and easy! I had watched the video on Orangette's blog and it inspired me to give it another shot. It was a real orangey cake, suitable for people who enjoy the fruit, like my son. A certain birthday person was treated to a piece and complimented it. Guess it suits the person's tastebuds more than Asians? But I had enjoyed it very much. Btw SE, sorry to hear about the little accident in your kitchen. Hope that won't put you off baking. How about steaming a cake?


Rong said...

Dear, this looks really nice... haha, pass me the recipe. i'll work on it when i'm off... hee... =)Rong

Yuri said...

Thanks rong. Hope you will be able to find time to do this, rather relaxing, now I understand.

Happy Homebaker said...

I have tried Orangette yoghurt cake and another from Foodbeam...despite trying out for a few times, the cake still turned out a bit kueh like! I adjusted the oven temperature, tried different way of mixing, and tried out the different conversion from cup to grams...but still, I can get the fluffy texture, sob, sob!

Yuri said...

Hi HHB, thanks for visiting. Hope we find the reason for it turning kuey like. The original Orangette yogurt cake was ok for me tho. I tried your Strawberry Almond Cake, wasn't happy with the result.

sweet-tooth said...

Hi Yuri!
Your Orange Yogurt Cake looks delicious :P
Makes me so tempted to make one.
I shall go grab some yogurt and oranges now!

Yuri said...

Hey sweet-tooth, it's a really delish cake, hope it turned out well for you. Show pix ok?