Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Finally, I tried and successfully made it. Yes, the wonderfully cool and refreshing relieve for the incredibly humid weather we have here. Like many, I used to think that one would need an ice-cream maker to create these. That was until I found out from Kitchen Capers' forumers that it can be as easy as A-B-C. Oh, these are healthy too!

I selected recipes that did not ask for eggs to start off my experiment. Gina posted 2 amazingly healthy and easy to make recipes, both available at the Cold Room section at Kitchen Capers forum. All I needed was plain yogurt (for the chocolate ice cream) and Bulla thickened cream (for peach ice cream). However, I was not able to find the 1 kg pack of my favourite Swiss Premium plain yogurt. I had to settle for the other available brands as I didn't want to buy too many 100g packs. Perhaps I should have done that. This particular brand of plain yogurt is so SOUR and tastes so "yogurty", yucks! Since I have some non-dairy cream and yogurt left, perhaps I should try 2:1 proportion instead of 1:2 as stated in the original recipe. (Well, perhaps I have overlooked, the original recipe is known as Green Tea YOGURT ice cream...)

As it turned out, my chocolate ice cream tasted like yogurt, no matter how much sugar I added. While it appealed to the adults (thankfully), the kids didn't like it one bit. Even though I added Hershey's chocolate sauce to it, the kids refused to touch it. So, on the second day, I decided to add some melted marshmellows and another cup of whipped non-dairy cream. I then blended these with the chocolate ice cream and returned it to the freezer.

I tried it the next day, the taste of the chocolate ice cream had improved, somewhat. I could still taste yogurt, though, but it was as strong. My guess was right, more non-dairy cream and melted marshmellows helped. The texture of the ice cream improved tremendously as well. I checked with Rei and she said that if the ice cream is not blended again after the first freezing, the texture would like icicles.

As for the peach ice cream, I think the taste of Bulla thickened cream is most dominate. I mashed a whole can of peach halves and added that to the thickened cream, non-dairy cream and sugar. The original recipe used strawberries. My kids loved this ice cream so much, along with the icicle like texture. They won't let me blend it again though. Will experiment some more when the current stash has been consumed, probably one that uses egg yolks.

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Anonymous said...

Looks great! Glad it turned out nicely. I really need to buy myself a n ice cream make for my b-day:)