Saturday, August 16, 2008

Oxtail Stew

This is one recipe that I've been searching for the longest time. Basically, everyone at home loves beef stew and I have been looking for different recipes that will interest them.

The first beef stew was tomato based with lots of vegetables. I got really tired of that recipe fast. Then I learnt of a recipe from a friend's mom, and that one soon became a fast favourite of my girl. She doesn't eat much meat as a young child. But she loved beef stew, I suspect it's due to the soft and tender beef.

When I served them this dish tonight, they quickly endorsed it as a "keeper". As usual, mashed potatoes is a must have to accompany any beef (or oxtail) stew. I started cooking the stew since last night. I also added potatoes, carrots and turnips into the stew.

I got the recipe from Kitchen Capers. Thanks Gina!


gina said...

my Melody also loves this stew. later going to buy oxtail to cook this for her tomorrow. Tuesdays are days spent at home. all school days, she goes to my mom's.

Yuri said...

Hi gina, hard to imagine anyone who won't like this. Yummy and wholesome ...