Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Peach Ice-Cream Cake

Oh, I'm so proud of myself on two counts: first, for successfully baking a wonderfully soft sponge cake (thanks HHB for the recipe) and secondly, for pulling off the assembly of this cake. It's a big sigh of relief as my earlier trials of baking a sponge cake, let's just say they were nowhere near "successful".

I must say, the cake needs to be further decorated before it can "face the world". For home consumption, it was enough. We don't need any more unnecessary calories tagging on. As we were too eager to taste it, the cake was still fairly frozen. Before consumption, it should probably be thawed :P Ice-cream is homemade as featured previously.

I have trying out and practising to bake birthday cakes for my two darlings' birthday. Boy's in August and two weeks later in September, for my girl's. While I have partly succeeded for my girl's (sponge cake portion only :S I'm still not sure what to use as fillings!) I am still trying to bake a chocolate cake that meets my boy's liking (first attempt turned out like a kueh...)


Rei said...

Lovely sponge cake! Birthday cakes for our kids.. stressful lah..>_<

Yuri said...

Thanks Rei! Guess u must be baking for yr dd ... choc yog cake still not close to successful yet :(

Passionate About Baking said...

Hi Yuri,
Congrats on the success of your cake! I can understand your disappointment when the cake didn't turn out well. I've failed dunno how many times! I think we just need to practice more! Your Peach ice cream cake looks very yummy & tempting! That means, you'll have to put the whole cake in the freezer? Cannot thaw the cake before eating yah? :p

Mandy said...

the ice cream cake looks great! I agree on omitting the unnecessary decoration for home consumption! I would rather eat a bigger piece of this cake than the icing. :p

Yuri said...

Thanks Mandy! My friends liked the cake too, they said it was very light! I will work on this cake and see what other creations there can be!

Your cakes are always an inspiration!