Sunday, December 16, 2007

Look at What I Bought!

Many thanks to Florence (Do What I Like) who helped me collect some of the above from Cake DIY in HK. The Hello Kitty moulds (2 of them) were also from her. I bought the other one years ago and have been using it to make ice cubes.

Bakewares are such as steal in HK and the variety! Too bad I didn't have a chance to scout for bakeware, but City Super in Time Square was enough to dazzle me as I knew there wasn't going to be enough luggage space. Fortunately, I didn't buy any more than these you see here. There was simply not enough space!

Cracking my head now as to what to use them for.


Unknown said...

Hi Adeline,
I'm not sure if my earlier comment was received, so I'm sending again. Pls omit this comment if you have seen the earlier one.

I'm pleasantly surprised that you were in HK too. I was there from 3 to 7 Dec. Anyway just to let you know, the vanilla cupcake recipe has been posted.

Blessed Christmas to you!

Yuri said...

Hi Emily
Thanks for the vanilla cupcake recipes. Will find some time to try it. Now stressing what food to serve for New Year's Eve dinner :S