Sunday, December 16, 2007

Of Dogs and Disney

Right, this is my second attempt at making the Doggie Cookies, using another recipe from my mom's collection. She had to secretly jot down these recipes as people back then weren't as keen to share. I wonder why... perhaps it's because they ran classes, teaching people to bake for a fee.

Anyhow, the dough was really really soft! I had to ditch the idea of using the Disney cookie cutters and used it to make Doggie Cookies instead. After one tray, my daughter decided to try using the mould and thanks to her, we had Disney cookies. I think I would need to bake these cookies for another 5 minutes or so. The cookies taste as they should, but the kids found them a bit dry. Will have to wait for comments from those who tried them though. Guess family is tired of being taste testers and I would have to find new ones! Thankfully friends have been very game. Come January, there should be more willing tastebuds... After reading some blogs today, slight moderations I have in mind right now would be to use some corn flour and to refrigerate the dough a bit before cutting. Will post recipe when I get it right.

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