Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Chocolate Molten!

Blessed Christmas to all my friends! Remember, Emmanuel, God is with us.

I received Nigella's How to be a Domestic Goddess as pressie and was so pleased to find the Chocolate Molten Babycakes recipe in it! I had to try it, naturally. Besides, a friend gave me another recipe which came with step by step pictures. She said she had tried it successfully a few times.

It was easy enough to make, and I will definitely make this for next week's New Year's Eve party. Must find time to go and get some pans from Daiso as a friend said it may be better to make them slightly bigger. Something enough for 3 or 4 people to share. Good idea, as fridge space is a definite concern next week, on top of all the food to be prepared. Not a good judge of portions and variety...
Lesson learnt from today's try, I should either freeze the mixture longer or bake it less. The chocolate did not ooze out, as the cakes were 50% to 60% done. Also, there wasn't any vanilla ice-cream to go with them. I had even skipped dusting icing sugar on them. I used the muffin try for this attempt and there is another spare cup sitting in the freezer now. May just bake it for my son but he is on the verge of being classified fat, thankfully he is tall for his age.


Aimei said...

Hi Yuri,

Welcome to this community! Hehe, I've just started not long ago and really happy to knowing so many people having this common interest. :)

Yuri said...

Dear Aimei, thanks for visiting my journal! I'm new too, just started in November 2007 with non-bakes before venturing into real baked stuff with a microwave oven. I've learnt a lot from everyone via Internet, wonderful medium.

Unknown said...

Hi Adeline,
The price of Lurpak unsalted butter is $3.30 per block now. Do you still want to stick to your order of 5 blocks which you've made with me? NTUC is selling $4.65 if I'm not wrong.

Yuri said...

Hi Emily
Yes, I would like the 5 blocks of Lurpuk butter. I've been buying the box of 3 these few weeks. Please let me know how we can meet. My office is near City Hall MRT.