Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Welcome 2008!

Happy New Year my friends! Here's wishing the new year brings you new cheer and hope.

Had the annual gathering for friends and their families at our humble abode on new year's eve. There was plenty to eat, from main courses to desserts. However, since some of the main courses were catered and my Canon camera is not with me, I didn't bother to take photos of the spread with my mobile phone. Only took pix of the chocolate molten cake and *mango peach charlotte cake. *Thanks Happy Home Baking for the recipe.
Both cakes recieved good comments. I think I finally got the hang for both cakes. Yes, one must invest in good chocolate for the choc molten cake. This was the reason for getting the great reviews, the chocolate! As for the mango peach charlotte cake, after the mistake from the first attempt (won't even bother to refer you to it), I laid another layer of sponge fingers at the bottom. Even considering a sponge cake bottom next time, see how ... What I definitely need to do differently is either use a smaller pan/cake ring or line the sides with sponge fingers before adding the yogurt layer.

I also made a ^cocoa puff cream cake as I had a one-litre carton of non-diary whipping cream. This is my second attempt but I didn't taste this one as I gave it away. Hoping to hear good things about it, yet to find out. ^Thanks Do What I Like for the recipe.

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