Saturday, January 12, 2008

An Absolute Winner! Banana Cake

I was so encouraged that I baked this on back to back days! The first comment was from a friend who received a loaf of it. She told me that we don't have to buy any more banana cake, and I would have to show her how to bake this.

I got the recipe from Kitchen Capers, guess I cannot share the recipe without permission. All I can say is that from the ingredients, one can just TELL that this WILL work. In fact, I had a scare when I was mixing the flour + banana mixture with the beaten eggs. Perhaps the eggs were too big and there was too much eggs for the flour mixture. I had a shock when I poured the mixture into the pans, the flour mixture were still at the bottom! I had to mix again and pray that the cakes turn out.

I used an 8 by 8 inch square pan for the second attempt. This time, I did the mixing somewhat differently and added chocolate chips. Those who tasted it thought it was good as well. Thanks so much for your kind words. You'll definitely get to eat more. Since you've all lost so much weight in the 6 months over in Europe, you deserve to be fed :)

This is the second attempt. Yummy!


Xavier said...

can you please email me the recipe? My hb fave but i cant find a workable recipe....thanks!
ivy (

Yuri said...

hi ivy, thanks for dropping by. you may want to try Kitchen Capers, an online forum. The recipe is available at