Saturday, March 15, 2008

First Peanut Butter Loaf

I was so excited about baking bread after seeing everybody's success. Since I could not bake on Thursday, I took the time to read the manual and researched for suitable recipes. I could not decide what to kick start this bread journey with.

From the begining, I had wanted to bake the Hokkaido Milk Bread, then there is the yogurt bread. But eventually, I thought I would start off with a really, really safe recipe. It's non other than Happy Home Baking's Crunchy Peanut Butter Bread as she has described it as soft and fluffy.

While it was baking, the air was filled with the aroma of peanut butter. I was worried that the colour of the crust was a little light, but it turned out alright. It's the first time I could sit down and watch tv while baking. The machine took care of everything, how nice.

I was so impatient, could not wait to remove it from the pan. I had some difficulty removing the pan, and almost burnt my finger. Finally, I managed to lift the pan. Waited a few minutes till it was cool enough to remove the loaf. Eventually, I was able to cut it. The crust was ... crusty, acutally, quite cripsy. When I saw the inside, I was elated. I thought to myself, success, wow! But I was too full to taste it. Guess it would have to wait till tomorrow.

Hubbs then asked for something to eat. I suggested the bread of course! I spread some orange marmalade and butter on the last slice, very crusty piece. I took a small bite and boy was I disappointed. I don't know how to describe but it was a little plasticky, although the loaf was soft to touch. Not sure if the teaspoonful of flour which I added in the last minute as quite a bit of flour didn't make it into the pan. May be that was a mistake, also I had accidentally over-poured oil into the pan as well. Guess that's too many mistakes to guarantee a successful looking AND tasting bread huh?

Update (15 Mar at 8.52 am): Kids tried the bread this morning after I had the bread toasted. Son complained that it was bitter after hubbs made the comment. I remembered that the bake king instant yeast had a strong smell when I opened the cap. Could it be that? Which yeast do you use and where do you get it?


KWF said...

Yuri, I've looked at the recipe at HHB's blog. The only thing I can associate with the bitter taste is the peanut butter. I don't think it's the yeast. I also use bake king yeast and yes, they do have a smell. But the amount in the recipe looks ok. BTW, remember to put your instant yeast in the fridge after opening. Perhaps you can check with HHB. I may try this one day and see if mine turn out bitter too.

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi Yuri, I use the same bake king's instant yeast (that comes in a plastic bottle). The yeast has got a smell...which is quite common. How do you store your yeast? Once opened, I keep them in the fridge, never leave them in room temperature. I wonder what went wrong with your bread...I dont think the bitter taste has got to do with the extra flour (extra flour will only make the bread hard), non the extra oil. Did you follow the sequence of adding the ingredients into the breadmaker?

Yuri said...

Hi wf and hhb, thanks for answering me so quickly. I feel much better knowing that both of you are using the same yeast. I didn't put it into the fridge till this afternoon. Do you think it would have gone bad? I didn't read the label carefully and only saw it when I was a the supermarket earlier.

Thanks for your encouragement. I will try again tonight, this time will be the cream cheese bread. Hope it will turn out this time.

wf, now that you mention peanut butter, could be it. I used Peter Pan crunchy peanut butter. Not my favourite brand. We bought it as it was on 1 for 1 offer. I will go back to skippy or planters next.

sweet-tooth said...

I use another brand of yeast, saf-instant, and it has a strong smell too so I guess that didn't cause the bitter taste.
The yeast is packed in individual packets so after I open them, I keep the rest in a tupperware at room temperature.
Even after months, the yeast is still active.
Perhaps you could try again and troubleshoot ;)

Yuri said...

Thanks aimei, I think wf is correct it could be the peanut butter. I baked another cream cheese bread tonight, it seems ok when I tasted it.

So great all of you share your experience, thanks! I can't wait to try sweet buns :)

Yuri said...

Sorry sweet-tooth, mistaken you for aimei, my apologies :P thanks for your encouragement too!

Aimei said...

Hi Yuri, sorry for the late reply. Hehe was kinda busy. Mine was by the brand "Green" which is not common. I bought from a rpovision store when my yeast was running out that time. I also have no problem with it so far. Haha even mine "brandless' yeast have no problem so I guess it could not have been the yeast, if you had store it properly. :)

I saw your cream cheese bread! Wow, another popular recipe...gotto add to my list soon! A special project?? Hehe I'll look forward to it. ;)

Yuri said...

Hey aimei, yeah special project, now proofing, not sure if it will be "special" or "normal" lol. Thanks for your response, confirmed no fault with yeast :)