Saturday, June 28, 2008

Enjoy Your Flight

"Enjoy your flight!" That's what the staff would say cheerfully as we hopped on board the moving (very slowly) Singapore Flyer. Ordinarily, I doubt we would pay to go on such a ride, (adults pay S$29.50 and kids pay S$20.65), unless there was a good deal, eg, company's Family Day, etc.

My sweet 5-year-old niece had won a contest and the prize was 2 Singapore Flyer adult tickets. When her mummy asked who she would like to give the tickets to (as they have experienced the Singapore Flyer) she said "Pak Leong" (her daddy is my husband's younger brother). As the tickets were due to expire at the end of June, we had to go today.

As National Day is drawing near, we could see the rehearsal from the flyer. In fact, as we approached the Singapore Flyer, there was a flurry of activities at the Marina Bay Floating Platform. On our way up, the parade was formed up for the "President's" inspection. We also saw some navy vessels waiting for their cue to enter the performance area. My boy saw the cannons where the gunfire salute will be fired as well.

From the flyer, we saw where the pit stops will be when the F1 race comes to Singapore in September. Our family (other than my girl) are mild F1 fans. We would catch every race on TV whenever we can. We are mild fans as we won't even consider driving to Sepang to catch the race. We are not sure if we would bother to go down to Marina Square when the race comes to Singapore. I doubt very much as we can catch all the action on TV in the comfort of our home, without having to squeeze with the crowd. I doubt very much we would be able to catch a glimpse of any of the F1 drivers...

Back to our first ever experience on the giant observation wheel. For my girl, who confessed that she has a fear of heights (at 13, I guess I was afraid of heights too). Initially, she sat quietly on the bench but as the flyer ascended, she sat on the floor (to stay close to the ground). Even my dear husband's knees went a little wobbly. Now we know where my girl's fear of heights came from. My boy was busy snapping photos, and even got creative. He snapped through the lens of the binoculars! Check these out!

So, that was our first ever ride, er, flight on the Singapore Flyer. The experience gave me a chance to see everything from a very different angle/view. I now have my own photo of the Singapore skyline! Keep a lookout for special deals so you can experience the flyer too!


Thistlemoon said...

Sounds like a great way to see the city! I am glad you were able to go for free! That is so sweet that your niece gave you the tickets!

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Yuri said...

Hi Jenn, thanks for dropping by. We paid for the kids and looked at sights that we've taken for granted.