Thursday, June 26, 2008

Stir, Pour and Bake

This has got to be the easiest banana cake recipe I've tried. I started weighing the ingredients around 8 pm tonight and I was able to sit down to watch Chef at Home at 8.30 pm. If I had cracked the eggs directly into the mixing bowl with sugar and oil, that would leave 2 mixing bowls and a hand whisk for washing. Talk about easy.

Even the mixing was the easiest ever, and idoit-proof too. From what little experience I had with baking chiffon cakes, I applied the technique of whisking egg yolks here. The lumps of flour miraclously disappeared with just a few whisk. I would do away with folding in flour when I next try this again. As a result of the initial folding in of flour, and whisking later, that probably caused the huge hump and crack.

I came across this from Aunty Yochana's blog, where she shared a real easy banana cake recipe. As my kids do not like having nuts in cakes, I omitted the nuts altogether. Instead, I added a little cinnamon, as Gina mentioned that cinnamon enhances the flavour of bananas. Unfortunately, I was a little cautious and added just a dash. I also mashed the bananas instead of slicing them.

I must say the cake is really soft but since I reduced sugar by 10g, the cake is not sweet enough for most people. I find it alright as I have reduced my sugar intake for some time now. It could also be due to the relatively "just ripe" state of the bananas. I shall try this recipe for another friend who recently requested for a banana cake. For my next try, I may use melted butter instead of canola oil. Try it today!


ShellyH said...

Wow, that looks delicous! You have a great blog! Welcome to the foodie blog roll.

Yuri said...

Thanks for dropping by Shelly.

Tina Butler said...

Oh wow I gotta make this cake. The picture is beautiful I bet it taste wonderful. I am sucker for sweets. Ü


Yuri said...

Hey Tina, go ahead and bake it. Be sure to use really ripe bananas or add a little more sugar. Mine would not be sweet enough, definitely.