Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Blueberry Yogurt Cake

I've been lagging behind on blogging and taking photos. Many things have been happening especially at work. These are times when I wished I didn't have to work. In any case, I've come to terms with my situation at work and I will just do what I have to do. That was why I took up baking in the first place...

I have been converted to love Greek Yogurt and I could not resist not buying it when I spotted a 500ml tub of it at the supermarket just before Chinese New Year. I had not planned what to bake as I knew at the back of my mind I could easily bake a banana cake.

When cyber friend mentioned that NZ blueberries were in season at relatively low prices in Hong Kong, I couldn't help but pick up some when I saw them at the supermarket. The berries added an interesting twist to a very reliable pound cake recipe which I have always enjoyed baking. Unfortunately, it's not something that I can share, sorry.

This blueberry (greek) yogurt cake is currently my favourite cake (to eat). I'll share a piece with you anytime.


Rei said...

This looks so good! Yummy!

Yuri said...

Thanks Rei, they are really yummy! Have to stop myself from taking more than one piece each time.

Passionate About Baking said...

Hey Yuri,
How about pass some to us? We'll help you to finish them! I don't think you need our help to stop you from eating them, your family & colleagues will be more than glad to finish them! Yummy!