Sunday, February 22, 2009

Taste of Childhood

It's been a long time since I last fried bee hoon at home. I'm not sure why I stopped cooking this, perhaps I got tired of frying bee hoon and moved on... I'm glad I tried this one tonight, it's really easy and it could have re-ignited my interest in this dish. However, my boy had indicated that he did not enjoy bee hoon in general. He did have second helping, though.

I was inspired by this post to try my hand at fried bee hoon tonight. It was one ingredient in particular, canned stewed pork ribs, that struck me. I didn't use to enjoy the taste when mom cooked this but somehow, after seeing the photo on that post, I was determined to try it. I doubled the recipe and used organic brown rice bee hoon. I would need to do much more to improve on the presentation too.

With my girl doing Home Economics classes, I am hopeful that she will soon take an interest in cooking. She is definitely more keen in sewing, especially in this past year. She had actually put together two outfits on her own for her dolls! At least she takes after my mom in this area, while I try my hand in cooking and baking.


Noob Cook said...

Hi Yuri, glad my post inspired u to cook bee hoon as well, hehe ... yours look really nice. I have never tried organic brown rice bee hoon b4 but I hope to try it one day. Luv your food blog ^o^

Yuri said...

Hi noobcook, thanks for dropping by. Organic brown rice bee hoon tastes just like normal, surprisingly. Try it soon,it's supposedly healthier too! Luv your blog too!