Saturday, February 14, 2009


For chocolate, that is! I am not a fan of chocolate, at least not consistently. To me, chocolate is a "mood" thing, I've gotta be in the mood for it. Otherwise, I won't even bat an eyelid when faced with them. Of course, that depends a lot on what is being offered as well... it's a complicated relationship. Aren't most relationships, complicated?

I looked around for something appropriate to put up today. I heard a good sermon but I am unable to articulate it and I won't try in case I mess it up. Back to the brownie, my dear boy is a chocolate fan. Give him anything with chocolate and he's a happy boy. As expected, he enjoyed this most among all of us at home. Hubs as usual said this wasn't something he liked, he has a palate for chinese (and at most, Asian) food. By the way, he eats to live, so don't bother to be too fancy.

I followed HHB's Nut and Chocolate Chip Brownie (sans nuts) and I love it that it does not call for butter. I can indulge in the best chocolate and cocoa powder without additional guilt (and fat) of butter. One other thing which I had an overdose was the chocolate chips! I had definitely used more than what the recipe called for. The result was of course a really fudgy brownie.

I asked my girl if she would like to learn to bake this so she would have something to give to her friends. [Some had asked her what she would be baking for Valentine's Day and I asked her if they meant her or me!] She flatly refused as one of her classmates bakes really solid brownie. Looks like she has got this from me. For me though, I'm sticking to this brownie recipe most definitely.

Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day, celebrating love of any kind.

PS: I needed a cheer-up to clear my mind and mistakenly thought that chocolate would do the trick. It did cheer me up but my mind is still not clear. The "issue" is pushed to the back of my mind for now...

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Simonne said...

I bake this today
Mine turn something like yours, while HHB and Kel have a nice crust top.
Mine is like err... slight burn
Anyway they taste great!