Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Beef Ball Soup

What you see above is not what I started out to cook. I made a friend through flickr and she taught me a lot about cooking and baking. She also has exacting standards and a very discerning palate. I sometimes feel ashamed of my own cooking and baking. Perhaps it's due to my family's lack of demand for high standard food.

I used a combination of spices and method, this would be quite close to what I actually used/did. As there was quite a bit of watery gravy, I added more stock. I then added some japanese somen, beef balls, fish balls and bean sprouts. I also shredded the beef. Somehow, the beef didn't turn out the way it's supposed to. Perhaps I had cooked it in the pressure cooker for too long. But my folks liked it this way... so, it's a mistake that turned out well, don't you think?


Rei said...

Looks good! :D I usually cook this with beef slices.

Yuri said...

Thanks Rei! Fluke lah, next time I would prepare sliced beef too lol