Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hong Zhao Ji

Thanks very much to Rei, she gave me a bottle of Red Glutinous Rice Wine and jar of wine lees. It's so kind of her to do so. She even posted a recipe on how to use these gems!

As we are not fans of chicken breast meat, I used 1 kg of chicken mid-wings instead. The dish is not decorated with cilantro nor scallions as we do not particularly like them. As a result, I tend to not remember to buy them.

I did not have the privilege of tasting this dish, 红糟鸡 after the birth of both my children, more than 10 years ago. My friend told me that her mom, who is Hock Chew, is looking for authentic Red Glutinous Rice Wine for her confinement in September. Of course, I'll be happy to hook her up with dear Rei and let them work out the details.

I tend to like stronger flavours in my food (重口味), so I followed the recipe exactly even though I had only 1 kg of chicken wings. As I had excess ginger juice left, almost 1.5 tbsp, I added it to the gravy. The gravy was a little bitter although it wasn't obvious. But we completely finished the portion I served tonight. I saved the rest in the freezer to be consumed in the weeks to come.


gina said...

adeline, your hong chao ji looks good. but its too heaty now to eat this. its good for confinement moms or women who are into menopause or have heavy flows. normal days, I don't cook this to eat. might get nose bleeds from it. if you can, marinate the chicken overnight in the wine lees. So the chix absorbs the full flavour. :) by the way, when are you making pooh bear cookies...wanna see how the end product looks like!

Yuri said...

Thanks for the caution, Gina. About marinating overnight, definitely helpful.

Thanks again for the Pooh cookie cutter, will have to find time to do that cos many to-do projects on hand, including putting chox moulding methods into use :)

Rei said...

Looks yummy! Glad you like it. :D

Yuri said...

Thanks Rei, for the wine and wine lees :D