Sunday, July 6, 2008

Homemade Coleslaw

The truth is, coleslaw isn't something I would normally order, unless it comes free. As one would get with western food at the food courts. That was until I tried a homemade coleslaw by my friend's domestic helper. They served it along with the rest of the barbeque spread during their recent housewarming party. It was so refreshing, hubs could not stop eating, and neither could I. Perhaps we were famished.

Imagine my surprise when I came across this post by Cookbake Legacy. I was naturally curious and ventured to the original post where the recipe is. I was surprised by the ingredients that went into the dressing, other than what I dreaded most, mayonnaise. So I chose the Japanese version of mayonnaise, and used up the remaining of my honey mustard and bought a new bottle of sweet relish. Honey mustard is a regular item in my fridge and sweet reslish has, sadly, been out of my mind for some time now. Well, it's time for a happy reunion!

What I learned from my first experience in putting together coleslaw, size is everything! Gosh, I realised that one cannot simply cut the whole section of cabbage and hope that they are nicely thin. My first attempt was a mess and everything was HUGE. As I didn't even finish the quarter section of the cabbage, I tried to cut more finely what remaining cabbage there was. The picture you see above, that was the second attempt. Still much room for improvement, and I'm glad that the children enjoyed it, especially my son.

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