Sunday, February 17, 2008

Apple Cinnamon Cupcake

In exchange for the strawberry sweetheart recipe, my SIL shared her favourite Apple Cinnamon Cupcake recipe with me. Since she swore by using baby food, I thought why not? Saved me the trouble of making my own apple sauce, besides, there isn't instructions on how to do that, as well. Finding a can of apple sauce at Sun Lik didn't change my mind to get the baby food. In all, it was my first success at making moist, soft and delicious cupcakes! Guess the proporation of butter and flour has to be almost equal to yield a succulent cupcake huh?

As I was browsing through Alex Goh's Fruity Cakes, I found a simple apple cinnamon cake recipe! With it, there is also instructions to DIY apple sauce. Although deep down I suspected that Granny Smiths should be the right ingredient, I didn't bother getting any. I used 2 Royal Gala and a Red Delicious to make the apple sauce. Let's just stick to gut feeling in future, will have to try using Granny Smith before I can conclude. The red apples took a long while to be tender and didn't yield much apple flavour in the cake. The sauce gave off a wonderful fragrance of apple and cinnamon, though. I also had to blend the apples as they refused to be mashed. But it was well worth the effort and I do need more kitchen gadgets, such as the handheld blender, yes!

I gave away more than half of the two days' bakes, and whoelse but SIL got one of the apple cakes. She just has to try this one, the texture is really good too. I hope I won't make a mess of this wonderful recipe like I did with the banana cake. I used canola oil in place of melted butter, either I had over-mixed tremendously, or oil is just not good for banana cake. So much for trying to get a healthier version.

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