Monday, February 18, 2008

It's a First!

It's a first for Yuri's Bake Journal, to not have anything to do with eggs, flour or butter. Yes, it's Roast Pork Belly (or siew yoke, in Cantonese or sio bak in Hokkien). I got to know the recipe via Kitchen Capers (KC), a forum for like-minded people who enjoy cooking or baking. I've always enjoyed cooking even as a child, and having a mom who cooks well makes a lot of difference. Mom only need to verbally tell me the ingredients and method and I would imagine it in my mind. She always encourages me to be creative and work with whatever ingredients available on hand. That I can do with cooking, but baking, that's a different game altogether.

Anyway, back to the roast pork belly. Several KC forum members raved about this recipe and indeed, it was really easy. However, cleaning the oven is quite a nightmare. I don't suppose I'll be making this again without any assistance in cleaning up. How about a self-cleaning oven? Thank goodness I'm using a Sharp mircowave cum convection oven. It has served me well and I'm thankful for finally knowing how to make full use of it. Afterall, I have had this model for close to 10 years :S


KWF said...

The Shao Rou is very yummy, right? I may be making it again this Sat. :) My problem is not cleaning the oven, but cleaning the whole area after I scrape off the burnts!! That is a real challenge!

Small Small Baker said...

Hi Yuri,

You've been tagged! Hehe check out the link here.

Unknown said...

Hi Adeline,

You've been tagged! Check out the link here.