Friday, February 29, 2008

Cotton Sponge Cake

Cotton Sponge Cake, Gina taught this recipe last week, courtesy of Baking Mum. Wow, this cake is almost weightless! However, as I was cracking the eggs, 6 in total, I knew this cake is laden with cholesterol. Very little flour, and butter, these two add up to equal the amount of sugar though. Somehow, these egg yolks were really yellow. These gave the cake a yellow tinge :)

Oh, how could I? I had forgotten to take a photo of the egg whites! I wasn't sure till I turned the mixing bowl. Hmm, didn't move, should be about right. I remembered Gina's instructions to not over-stir the egg and flour. I guess I had under-stirred! I could see specks of flour in the cake *shy* As the square pan was too small, I had to use another loaf pan.

Somehow, the loaf pan mixture cracked. I wonder also if it was due to cooling in the pan inside the oven, the bottom of the cake looked weird. Also, I'm not sure if the waiting had caused some layering at the bottom. I had given both pans a bang or two prior to putting them into the oven. Oh yeah, small oven, so loaf pan had to wait.

I love the taste of this cake, I ate one piece too many! There goes my daily dietary limit for the whole week! Well, to console myself, I thought about the small amount of flour used. But the sugar... hmm, as they say, if you want to be on a diet, eat steamed dumplings instead. Back to the look of my cake, it's way off what it's intended to be, lots of room for improvement. LOTS.

I also got adventurous and marinated some bacon to make BBQ bak kwa. I've also soaked some glutinous rice. Also on my to bake list this weekend, Meyer Lemon Tart ok, for us, just simply Lemon Tart. I remember my mom talking about some lemon pie long ago. I hope this is close to what she has in mind, albeit my very first attempt. We'll see. Busy busy weekend, *sigh* have to work all weekend next week, sux!


Gina Choong said...

adeline, your oven can sit 2 loaf pans easily. no need to wait. Coz that was what I did too. This cake is pretty sensitive to sudden changes in temperature. I did mine yesterday, it rises like yours in the oven too. When its out, it collapsed a bit. But not sunk all the way down. I let it alone to cool.

Yuri said...

Thanks gina! I doubt my oven can take the 6 inch square pan and another loaf pan. Very sad indeed, after seeing your red dragonfruit sponge cake, I am convinced that my sponge cake flopped cos it sunk all the way, less than 2 cm in height *sob, sob* But the taste was yummy and light, and my daughter asked me to practice with a chocolate version :S