Sunday, February 24, 2008

Cranberry Yogurt Cake

Just learnt this yesterday from Gina's basic baking class. It's a recipe which she had modified and done well. I reduced sugar by 10g as the yogurt I used was very sweet. However, I did not try the dried fruits (cranberries and apple) and presumed they would be sweet too. Perhaps I should have just used the original amount of sugar. Nonetheless, this time I broke all the conventions and followed what Gina had taught us yesterday.

It happened to me again, when I added the yogurt to the butter+egg mixture, they cuddled! :S Perhaps the yogurt was still cold. But remembering what happened yesterday, I went ahead and added the flour, with a prayer that everything would work. I thought I had stirred the flour a few times too many. Upon ensuring that there were no more visible specks of flour, I poured the mixture into the pans. Too much for my new reduced sized round pan. So I made two smaller ones for two sweet people who had given me gifts.

I was so happy that there were NO cracks on the cakes! After doing the skewer test, I took the 3 pans out. At the back of my mind, I was thinking "strange, the big pan cooked at the same time as the two smaller ones?" But didn't think too much of it, until 15 mins later when I saw a dent in the round pan. To my dismay, it wasn't completely done yet. I quickly pre-heated the oven and put the pan back in for another 15 mins (with a piece of foil covering the top). Finally, it was done. Phew, not much damage, taste-wise, could do with a bit more sugar. My husband commented that this is not his type of cake. Well, he likes traditional cakes such as banana cake, butter cake and pandan chiffon. Chiffon will be my ultimate challenge. May be I would try that after I master the Cotton Sponge Cake, something I learnt yesterday as well.


Rei said...

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Yuri said...

Hi Rei, thanks for asking. You are most welcome to link, of course.