Sunday, December 2, 2007

Catheral Bundt Pan

Wow! Thank God this cake turned out. I was uttering a prayer in my heart as I beat the butter and sugar. All went well, I must say until . . . I added in the final portion of flour, gosh! Was it lumpy or what? I kept checking the recipe to see if it says to expect lumps. So I persevered and stirred and added in choc chips instead of reserving one-third of the mixture to add with chocoa powder. I also reduced sugar by at least 40 gm. I followed the Marbled Banana Bundt Cake recipe from Baking Bite and the reviews are right, the cake is gorgeous. My family could not stop eating and it was 5 pm! Hope you'll have fun baking this cake too!

I took a bite, tasted really good and I didn't even add banana essence. When I looked at it after that bite, I was shocked! The skewer came out clean, what happened? Oh, it's just moist, I told myself. Then I realised, it was the banana as i didn't mash it completely. As I could not set the oven to 170 deg C, I had to settle for 160 deg C with an extra 10 minutes, that got me worried. Somehow, the crust was a little crispy when I cut it with a plastic knife. On the whole, it's a cake will be repeated, simple enough anyway.

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