Monday, December 3, 2007

Rose Bundt

Look at what I have done! A cake baked in the rose bundt pan. What a sight, pretty isn't it? It was a real scare throughout the whole baking time. I used the marbled banana bundt cake recipe with slight modification. Yes, I am very experimental. I like to substitute this for that, I do the same when I cook too. Guess it's something I learnt from my mom who told me to be imaginative and not restrict myself to the same ingredients. Thanks mom!

As with the banana bundt cake, the mixture was a little too runny for my liking. But since I had substituted the mashed bananas with chopped pineapples, I had to add some pineapple syrup from the can. As I will be leaving for a week's holiday, I had to try to use up the yoghurt. From the IK Forum, I learnt that yoghurt and sour cream can replace one another.

I had always felt that the silicon is really soft, much softer than the catherdal bundt. So I tried to leave it on a biscuit pan but the pan slid off the rack as the tray started to rotate (I am using a microwave cum convection oven)! That was 20 seconds into bake time, I quickly removed the pan, boy, was the pan hot! When I looked at the bundt afterwards, I thought that the cake mixture looked loop-sided! Well, a very good looking bundt, but I may just use it for agar-agar in future.

Towards the final 10 minutes, the cake started to crack! OMG I wondered why ... but consoled myself that it would be the bottom of the cake anyway. When I did the skewer test, lo and behold, it didn't pass! As my microwave oven has set temperatures, I decided to use a slightly higher temperature (180 deg C) for this cake. Guess that was a wrong decision. In all, the cake took 75 minutes (instead of 45 to 55 mins at 350 deg F). I realised much later also, that this bundt was different from the catherdal bundt. Make a guess and leave a comment :)

It tastes rather good and due to the time spent in the oven, the edges are quite crispy! This recipe is a definite keeper!

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