Thursday, December 20, 2007

Fruit Pastry, hmm...

I was very intrigued by good reviews from IK Forum members about this recipe (by Cuisinette, thanks!). I told myself that I HAD to bake it, no matter what. So, I went to get some fruits (grapes - green and red) to supplement the strawberries that have been in the fridge since a week ago. I found a can of mandarins in the pantry, I believe I bought that some time back at Sun Lit. Meant to use it for jelly sweethearts though, but what's the problem?
I felt a little stressed while beating the butter, sugar and later, eggs, "do no overbeat" was constantly on my mind. But the aroma of lemon was mesmerising, I kept wondering how it would taste... Finally, the mixture was done and poured into the tray. I laid the fruits gently on the mixture and popped the tray into the pre-heated oven.
I watched it raise as it baked, all the while wondering if I had done everything right. Eventually, the moment of truth, I wasn't as light as I had hoped and read. The lemony fragrance and taste worked for me but not for the family. They didn't like this cake one bit. There is much room for improvement and selection of fruits would have to be a lot different. Till the next time then, right.

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