Saturday, May 10, 2008

Banana Chiffon Cake

Hmm, I'm so pround of myself! I've finally done it, I can now say that I have successfully baked a chiffon cake! In terms of taste and texture, I am very very happy with this cake. Especially after 2 back-to-back dissatisfactory results.

Bananas are quite tricky, evident from the last 2 cakes, my anniversary banana cake as well as the hummingbird cake. I realised that the variety of bananas used for these cakes (local name is "ang bak jio") were extremely mashy and caused the cakes to be very sticky. While the banana cake was somewhat dense, the hummingbird cake was "sticky". I have to admit that in an attempt to not waste the bananas, I had used one too many.

So, for today, I followed closely to Rei's recipe, but added a little more sugar (5g) as the bananas were not sweet, as well as 1 tsp of banana essence. I used the small bananas (baby petey) from Phillippines, available at Shop n Save. I was a little worried, as the eggs I used this time were extra large. I had wanted to use only 4 egg whites, but decided I should add another. The batter filled a little more than 80% of the tube pan.

From today's experience, I found that my oven's temperature can be quite a challenge. For future baking, especially for chiffon cakes, I will preheat the oven to 200 deg C, bake for 20 mins at 180 deg C and another 25 mins at 160 deg C. I covered the cake with foil after 25 mins and left it covered till the end. I turned the cake over to cool inside the oven for about 20 minutes, while we had dinner.

I am happy that I achieved this result today. See what my kiddos made for me :) Happy Mothers' Day!


Rei said...

Yuri : Congratulations! Absolutely lovely! Happy Mother's day to you.

Yuri said...

Thanks Rei for the great recipe. I'm so very happy, I'm gonna bake another chiffon cake. Wish me luck ;)

Florence said...

Happy Mother's Day!
Soft and tall chiffon..congrats!

Yuri said...

Hello Florence! Happy Mothers' Day to u too! Glad you dropped by :)

sue said...

lovely cake ...btw which sort of pan did u used to bake yr chiffon cake cause it did not look like the normal chiffon cake pan which usually have a hole in the middle.
Which type of bananas would u recomend besides the baby patey ..which we don'r have it here i think.
thank you

Yuri said...

Thanks Florence, there is so so much to learn :)

Hi Sue, I used a normal 21-cm tube pan just that the centre is not quite visible in the photo. Where are you residing? Why don't you try using whatever bananas you can get and experiment with them? That was how I learnt :P

sue said...

thanks ..i'm not far away just Kl But i have not seen before the baby do they taste like ? I am not sure if berangan will taste ok.
How long do u usually beat yr egg white because i always fail to beat a good meringue. Yr chiffon cake looks so stable and tall..any tips

Yuri said...

Hi Sue, can u get del monte bananas (think they r from Phillippines) in KL? These are quite long and yellow, without much spots. They are flavourful but not sweet.

About beating egg whites, I would beat till they are "stiff", look at the slides for at this post see how the egg white is pointed upwards when the mixer is lifted?

Please also visit Rei's blog, that's where I got the banana chiffon recipe. Do u want to leave your email contact so we could explore and learn together?