Monday, May 19, 2008

Cream Cheese Cupcakes

This is one recipe that I would use again and again, especially after several failures with the chiffon cake. Besides, since it is a public holiday today, I had promised some friends that I would bake something for them. Not that I don't enjoy baking for my family, it's just that they could have grown sick of sampling all the bakes.

Back to my "comfort" bake for today. I first baked it in March when I saw the recipe on Peony's blog. The recipe came from a book which I had borrowed before, Tempt by Betty Saw. Several recipes in this collection caught my attention and I went about looking to buy the book. Having borrowed the same book on two occasions, I took that as a confirmation of interest :D

I used the juice and pulp of one passionfruit today, in place of the lemon juice. As I had a pumnet of blueberries in the fridge, I simply washed them and dropped two into each cupcake. I had read about how the juicy blueberries will give off juices during baking and could not wait to see the results. Boy, was I impressed.

I had a slight scare after adding the eggs to the cream cheese mixture. The recipe indicated 2 medium eggs of 60 to 65 g each, and I had used 80% of the recipe. I could not decide as I had eggs of two sizes, 55 to 60 g and 60 to 65 g. So, I estimated 1.5 eggs would be needed, and used one egg of each size, how ingenius right? Anyway, when I saw the mixture curdled, I stopped adding eggs. I didn't want to introduce too much liquid as I was going to add the passionfruit pulp and juices. After adding the flour, I kept stirring it, hoping that the curdling will disappear. I could have overdone the sitrring.

Phew! All's well that ends well, I hope. The cuppies are as soft as the picture above. An absolute winner in terms of taste and versatility. The flavour I baked last time was lemon. Oh yeah, I used cream cheese spread for this as well.

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