Friday, May 2, 2008

Pandan Chiffon Cake II

I am a happy gal, I can now say I have tasted a small success with the Pandan Chiffon Cake compared to my previous attempt. This time, I tried using a recipe posted on KC by Gina.

The recipe calls for mixing blended pandan leaves with milk instead of water. Also, there is one more egg and less flour. Sounds good to me! With this try, I discovered that pandan leaves from the supermarket are bigger than those I bought from the market. Perhaps that explains the fragrance of pandan. I brought some to the office this morning to share but ate 3 pieces at one go. I saved the rest for some friends, and the pandan fragrance permeated the air around my workstation the whole morning. I could hardly concentrate and it being the day after public holiday and with so many people out of office, didn't help, at all.

The cake is tasty and fragrant. I am sure the milk and extra egg helped. I like the idea of it having so little flour as well. The cake is soft as well and even my daughter loves it. She asked me to bake it again, wow!

I had a chat with Rei and she told me that chiffon cakes are addictive. I'm sure they are addictive to eat as well as to bake. I was so motivated, I went to PH at Jurong East and bought a 21-cm tube pan, with removable bottom. I had resisted from buying it for so long. I'm so happy to finally buy it. There was so much residue on the bundt pan* when I unmoulded the cake last night. That was after cooling the cake for at least 1.5 hours. I told myself that I would get a conventional one so I can run a palatte knife along the sides. Gina told me that with a silicon pan, one can press the sides of the pan to remove the cake. How come I didn't think of that?

*I bought the bundt pan from Robinson's at the members' preview sale early this week. It costed less than S$10 and there was an additional 20% discount. That was a real steal and I also bought a 22-cm springform pan as well. I have set my eyes on this cheesecake (from KC).


gina said...

adeline, I am very happy for you that you finally got this right. but for me, I find the pandan leaves from wet market are much more bigger than supermarkets. And the cost is cheaper too. at 50 cents I can get 2 bunches. At Supermarket, its at least $1 for 1 bunch.
btw, watch out at KC tonight..coz I need to bake a special cake for my mother in law. For the first time, she is celebrating her bday in my house, tomorrow. She will be 84 years old tomorrow. I have modify the sponge cake recipe again to suit her tastes.

Yuri said...

Thanks so much Gina! I gained confidence to try after your class. And this small success is also due to your recipe.

I baked TWO chiffon cakes today, using Rei's recipe :P But I think I under-baked the second one! However, my children like the white mocha chiffon, esp my son! Much more room for improvement :) Looking forward to see yr creation