Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Hummingbird Cake

Now I've tried it too but honestly, I'm not impressed. Perhaps the problem lies with my baking skills. I much prefer the taste and texture of my American Carrot Cake. I suppose for those who haven't tried the carrot cake, this cake is fine. I only frosted one loaf, which was given to a very good friend of mine. Hope that the cake tastes more exquisite due to the frosting. I won't know and probably too shy to ask ...

I followed the original recipe quite closely, and for frosting, I used kwf's recipe. For my next try, I may use 100 ml of milk instead of pineapple juice. I believe the milk will give a better bite. I am somewhat dissappointed with the two cakes using bananas, not sure why these two cakes didn't work out.

I may try Aunty Yochana's Steamed Soft Banana Cake as I have another 5 very riped bananas left. Or I could try this recipe again, but cinnamon goes better with carrot, not bananas.

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