Thursday, May 15, 2008

Chocolate Cherry Pie

I made this pie for someone who inspired me. She is one passionate lady with a super big heart. Being Italian helps, of course. I was invited to her first talk to launch her book, Stella's Mum Gets Her Groove Back. Yes, she is none other than Elisabetta Fronzoso.

I met her, and her wonderful husband, Leonardo, through a course last year. I was struck by her passionate and approachable nature. In the three-day course, I realised that I had found the "inspiration" that I had been looking for! Perhaps I didn't require any external inspiration and I was capable of inspiring myself! Along with that, I discovered that people around me, ie my children, would benefit from this new found inspiration.

Then I got passionate about baking and I was waiting for an opportunity to bake something for this wonderful couple. I could not think of anything suitable until I saw this recipe in Alex Goh's Temptation of Chocolate...

Chocolate Cherry Pie
Ingredient for fillings
120g Butter
100g Sugar

2 Eggs

40g Flour
80g Ground Hazelnuts (I used ground almonds)
1 tbsp Cocoa Powder

Some dark cherries, stoned

1. Prepare a semi-baked 8-inch round sweet pastry.
2. Cream (A) until light then add in (B). Cream until smooth. Lastly add in (C) and mix until well-blended.
3. Place the above filling onto the semi-baked sweet pastry and arrange the dark cherries on top and press it lightly.
4. Bake at 190 deg C for 25 to 30 minutes.
5. Let it cool for 10 minutes. Remove it from the pan. Brush it with apricot glaze.

*Pie crust recipe from here

I received an sms from E to say that the pie was delicious. I had enough to make 2 pies and will share the other one this weekend at a party. About the book, I do hope that you will get a copy of it when it hits the bookstores at the end of the month. Should you be interested, please leave a comment as well. E is really an exceptional woman and she is spearheading a very meaningful movement known as Stella's Mum Pay It Forward Projects (website still under construction).

Note: I am not paid to advertise E's book and projects. I am just inspired by her passion and desire to Pay It Forward.


Anonymous said...

HiYuri, that is a beautiful pie. I would like to try baking it. Can advise what flour you use?

Yuri said...

Hi anonymous, thanks for dropping by, would be good for you to leave your name so that can address you properly.

I used plain (or all purpose) flour. Normally, when recipes state flour, it would be plain flour unless otherwise stated.

Anonymous said...

Hi Yuri, sorry forget to intro myself. I'm AdeL, love to learn baking from books and also from KC website.

Yuri said...

Hi AdeL, you're most welcome. Looks like we share the same first name. KC is a treasure chest with lots of information and tips on not only baking, but cooking.