Saturday, May 3, 2008

Orange Chiffon Cake

I was on fire today, I baked TWO chiffon cakes using the same recipe. Thanks Rei for the great recipe. While linking to her post, I read her reply to my comments. From Rei's analysis, she pointed out where I could possibly have gone wrong. Indeed, I suspected as much, I had not baked it enough :( The texture turned up looking like cheesecake... Of course, the cake collapsed as well.

Even though it was underbaked, the cake is still edible and soft. I will have to increase sugar when I next use this recipe as Rei's family does not have sweet tooth. Also, this time I had used some mandarin oranges which I bought from the supermarket. They were sooo sour and I figured the only way to finish them up would be to bake with them. As I was a little conservative with sugar, the result was still not up to mark, in terms of taste. Also, the mandarin oranges were quite soft and getting the zest was quite a challenge. Having my helper zest the oranges was probably a mistake, as there is a bitter aftertaste.

Verdict for this cake, if one were not an expert on cake, one would probably not be able to tell the hosts of mistakes in this bake. Afterall, the cheesecake texture wasn't all that bad. I could also try one of Anna Olson's switch up techinques to glamourise this humble cake :)


Small Small Baker said...

Hi Yuri, your chiffon cake looks very good already. Mine was even worse. I have no luck with chiffon cakes recently. Sigh...

And nice photos... the website is great right. :)

Yuri said...

Thanks small small baker! I attended Gina's (KC) chiffon class, so must have some results. I am still experimenting :)

Yeah, the website is so cool, made my otherwise ordinary pix into something exciting.