Saturday, April 5, 2008

Chocolate Cream Cheese Cake

I came across this recipe when visiting Peony's blog, and remembered I had one block of Philly cream cheese in the fridge. I like the way the cake looked and since my boy specifically chose this cake over others, I had to bake it.

While it was baking, the aroma of chocolate was really alluring. I was then helping my boy with his chinese comprehension. We could hardly concentrate on the story at hand (the cycle of water: from liquid to gas to solid back to liquid, the whole works)

As I was multi-tasking when the oven beeped (ie, cake was ready), I could not remove the pan from the oven as my hands were covered with dough and flour. When I finally unmoulded it, I realised that I had not laid enough chocolate batter on the bottom. Parts of it actually broke.

Finally the taste test, I found the cake a little dry. Peony mentioned in her notes that she had reduced butter but I didn't notice it. I should have used more butter as we found the cake a little dry and lacking in taste. I had to buy chocolate ice-cream (my kid's fave brand and flavour) to go with it. Otherwise, the cake will still be around after many days.

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