Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I'm Back!

I was at home to settle some domestic issue today. As I had some time on hand, I heeded advise from kwf and happy home baking to make the yogurt bread again.

I remember this bread very well as it was my first attempt, baking the bread out of the breadmaker. It was very tasty and soft. Today I used a different flavour, peach flavoured yogurt and raisins. However, this time, it is not quite as tasty, but the buns are soft. You can see how soft it is, see the "dent" I caused when I used the spatula to lift the bread out of the pan.

Somehow this thought kept coming up: can bread be over-proven? As I had to bring my boy down to wait for his school bus, I kept thinking if the extra time given to second proofing would make any difference to the bread evenutally. I went back and baked them quickly and boy, dough in both pans rose beautifully.

Oh, now I recall what I did differently today. I didn't add any salt as I used salted butter. Could that be the difference? While today's bread was tasty, it wasn't as fragrant. I read the breadmaker's manual, that salt balances the flavour of bread, it is needed for crust colour. It also advises users not to reduce the amount of salt at will as baking may suffer. I also added more sugar today, 1.75 tsp instead of 1.5 tsp. Just surprised that it didn't turn out any sweeter :P


Rei said...

Hi Yuri, nice looking bread! :D The more you practise, the better you become. Don't let the past experiences worry you. Through my experiments, when I make sweet buns; for 300g of flour, I will use 40g sugar. It's sweet enough for me. For regular sandwich loaf; 300g of flour, only 20g is needed. Keep going!

KWF said...

yuri, it doesn't taste as nice probably because of the yogurt flavour. Peach may be a little mild to be noticeable. I find berries yogurt a good choice for making yogurt bread. I've tried mango yogurt too, also too mild.

Yuri said...

Thanks rei and wf, my cyber friends. I was trying to recall what flavour yogurt I used last time, could be some berry yogurt! So wf is right haha. Also, thanks rei for the guide on sugar, will take note of that.