Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Egg White Cream Cheese Cupcake

This is what I baked tonight, after a weekend of mood-less-ness :P Perhaps the weekend was too action packed, which resulted in fatigue and so lack of mood to bake. I told myself, weekend was the only time to play with the pullman pan, but lazy bones just won't get moving. No matter how I pushed myself, gosh!

As usual, seeing everybody's blog and visiting Kitchen Capers' forum got me all charged up again. Then I remembered reading about aunty yochana's egg white cream cheese cupcakes, and thought I should give it a shot, and I did tonight.

I realised it was a mistake when I put the batter into a disposable loaf pan. Memories of a certain failure came flashing to my mind... I was worried that it would turn out the same way but my boy specifically said he didn't like cupcakes. Perhaps I should have transferred the batter into cups but what's done cannot be undone. I did not put shredded cheese on top but anyway, the top was crumpled. Luckily, I overturned them to cool them. That helped to maintain the cupcakes' height. It helped to keep the loaf "tall" but after unmoulding, it flopped. I was worse when I cut it, it was kueh like. Totally like what happened to the cotton sponge cake. The cupcakes, though, didn't fall. It was rather soft too.

Although the bake didn't turn out well tonight, it tasted quite good and light. Perhaps I would revisit this recipe again after attending Gina's chiffon class later this month. Oh, I did beat the egg whites till stiff peak, I dipped the mixer in and lifted it for a look, just to be sure. I must have over-mixed the chesse mixutre, butter and flour.


Gina Choong said...

Adeline, with cream cheese, I always find it difficult to make it rise beautifully. Coz its heavy. If you use grated cheese, like Aunty yochana, then its lighter and will fluff up more. If you can, grate the cheese block yourself..so its very fine and light. Don't use those ready grated ones. Those are big fat 'chips' and may weigh down your egg whites. You did well,dear..its the cheese that failed you. Keep it up..and I see you later this month!

Yuri said...

Thanks for your encouragement That made me feel much better. I must remember not to use cream cheese with egg whites :P