Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sweet Corn Bread... Sticky!

It was really sticky, no matter what I did, oil or flour didn't help. Perhaps I cannot simply use the breadmaker for ANY recipe. I first saw this recipe on KC but eventually used the recipe by Alan Ooi (found out that Baking Mum aka Hugbear has it posted as well).

My original plan was to make buns instead of a loaf. However, after wrestling with the dough for almost 30 minutes, I was ready to surrender. I had to roll the dough up and leave it to proof. I had used the breadmaker's dough function.

After that, I went to prepare dinner and forgot all about the bread! When I saw the dough again, I was shocked! While I had a flat loaf last night, I was shocked by how much today's dough rose. Ok, it wasn't all that much but was a nice sight to behold. I quickly pre-heated the oven, and sent the dough to bake. Not much aroma to speak of, just smelled like bread. Or perhaps dinner was more aromatic. As I was busy with the American Carrot Cake, I didn't slice the bread till much later. It felt soft, but I didn't taste it as I was too full from dinner.

Here's a closer look at the texture:

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