Saturday, April 5, 2008

Cream Cheese Loaf

As there wasn't time to bake last week, I didn't make any bread for my parents. I only gave them half of the banana quick bread I made last week.

Since we didn't go out this afternoon, I devoted my time to this baking "marathon" of sorts. I first started the breadmaker to make the dough for the an-pans, then went to bake the chocolate cream cheese cake and finished off with this cream cheese loaf in my brand new pullman pan.

I'm not sure if I had done everything right. The bread didn't reach the top of the pan, hence the top was a litted rounded and soft. I had forgotten to break the dough into 3 parts, do the swiss roll, before putting it into the pan for second proofing. I rolled it into one big swiss roll after punching out the air. I waited and waited for it to raise to the top, and when it was about 80% the height of the pan, I got ready to bake it. I intend to bake another one tomorrow to see if breaking the dough into 3 parts would make a lot of difference. I was too full to taste the bread but mom told me the last time that the bread was delicious. Even my brother was surprised that I had baked that :)


Happy Homebaker said...

Hi Yuri, saw your comments in my blog :)

It is not a must to divide the dough into 3 rolls. However, I read from some Taiwan/HK bloggers that by doing so will give a better texture. So whenever I am doing a plain loaf, I will divide into 3 rolls. If I want to add fillings, I will make one big roll, the reason is, if u make into 3 rolls, u will not see the swirl when u slice the bread.

I usually let the dough proof in the pullman tin until it is about 70-80% full, or maybe around 1.5in before it reaches the rim, so that I can cover the lid. I also use the time as a the 2nd proof usually takes about 1 hr. but sometimes it really depends on the weather, and the ingredients used. Since I dont have a good weighting scale (mine can only read up to 10g) I usually estimate the amount, as such, the timing really varies.

You will have to make sure your oven is really hot by the time you put in the needs the heat to let the bread rise...and it puffs up very fast once inside the oven. So always preheat your oven like 15mins before you are ready to put the pan in. Hope this helps :)

I love to make bread coz it is less fattening, and we eat bread almost everyday! I am always on a look out for a simple recipe, meaning use the very basic ingredients and yet can yield very good result. Do you find that homemade bread, compared to store-bought ones...tend to leave a lot of crumbs on the table?? My table ususall filled with crumbs after I spread jam on the bread ;(

Looking forward to seeing more bread posting from you.

Yuri said...

Thanks for the detailed explanation HHB. It's really helpful and I look forward to trying bread soon. I would normally bake bread on weekends as the whole process is so long and I would start only close to 8 pm on weekdays.

Do you proof your bread with the pullman cover closed? I left the pan inside the oven, and when I checked, the pan was warm. I suppose the warmth came from the dough lol

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi Yuri, I usually cover the pullman tin with the cling wrap (use the same one that is used for covering the mixing bowl during the 1st proofing). This way I can check to see whether I can go ahead to pre-heat the oven. Then I will cover it with the lid.

KWF said...

yuri, I agree with HHB that 3 rolls would have not much effect on your loaf. When dough proof, it'll be warm, so you're right on that. Keep baking. But do remember to leave ample time for bread, they're something that cannot be rushed.

Yuri said...

Thanks hhb and kwf for the valuable advise. I'll normally use the breadmaker to prepare the dough and do the first proof till it doubles in size. I don't have much confidence up to this stage at the moment :P Guess practice makes perfect, so I will go on practising.

As my in-laws are expecting baby #1 in a few weeks, they said I can play some more with the breadmaker, hurray! I shall bake bread for them in return.

Aimei said...

Hi Yuri, your bread is very nice. I'm into this bread baking craze too. Hope to try out the yoghurt bread by KWF which u all had success with soon :) I look forward to seeing more of your bread post ;)

Yuri said...

Thanks Aimei. You should try the yogurt bread, especially with berry flavoured Swiss Premium (brand) yogurt. Try soaking the raisins first as well. All the best :)