Monday, April 28, 2008

Swirl Ham Bun

I baked these yesterday, using Florence's Wonderfully Soft Bread recipe. I fell for it immediately, well who wouldn't fall for soft bread? Look at the tear above? My only complaint would be the lack of taste, I would probably add a piece of cheese next time. I have another 7 pieces of dough (60g each) in the freezer. I would probaly make cinnamon rolls with it.

The bun doesn't have much taste and I prefer the other recipe which I used for the an-pans. I ran out of cake flour so I used plain flour instead. Not sure if there is any significant effect with this change. Considering the amount of ingredients used, I expected a slightly tastier bun: condensed milk, low-fat milk (Meiji), milk powder on top of the 1 egg + 2 egg yolks! I think I may switch to using the Hokkaido Milk Bread recipe for sweet bun in future.

I promised one of my tasters that I would make a chocolate pie for him to share with the other tasters. As I had expected, the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Z and gang, apologies k? Hope that the cheesecake that you guys are baking for J turns out to be a success. About the pie, MT2 will last for a while more, I will definitely bake it for you.


KWF said...

yuri, do take care of yourself. Only then can you bake more goodies for your supporters.

Yuri said...

Thanks wf, more like need to kick the laziness out of the window lol and everyone at KC is very encouraging :)